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The Raynors Sing The Music of The Carpoenters

We’ve Only Just Begun  – The Video    

Taken from the forthcoming album by The Raynors. The ten track album will be released in May 2014. The songs are a selection of songs sung by The Carpenters and a self -penned song ‘Stay With Me’ by singer, actress and musician Wanda Ray Willis. Likewise this brother and sister duo, Wanda and Eldon Raynor Jr, have teamed up to form The Raynors.

Credits: 1. WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN 4:02. Pub-Irvin Music Inc Written by – Roger Nichols & Paul Williams.

Album Credits: The Raynors Sing the Music of the Carpenters Pub-Irvin Music Inc. Written by – Roger Nichols & Paul Williams.

MUSICIANS: Piano – Herman Jackson Bass – Ricky Taylor. Guitar – Matthew Dahlgren (guitar solos) Drums – Laval Belle. Vocals – Wanda Ray Willis: Track 1-4, 6-8, 10. Eldon Raynor Jr: Track 1-2, 4-5, 9 -10.Stay With Me original song by Wanda Ray Willis. BACKGROUND VOCALS: Erica Johnson, Cydney Davis, Jewel Thompkins, Lenona Walton, Monica Polk, Rayna Nettlesbey, Stephanie Selai, Wanda Ray Willis. VOCALS & BACKGROUND VOCALS – No Sound Studios, MIXED, MASTERED & BKGRD VOCALS – Private Island Trax. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER & CONTRACTOR: Wanda Ray Willis. PRODUCER.H.B. Barnum. INSTRUMENTAL AND VOCAL ARRANGEMENTS: H.B Barnum. Rhythm tracks recorded at – Lair Studios.